Estancia Rio Capitán
This working ranch open to tourists is located 55 km off mythical Route 40. Its 17,000 hectares in the Tucu-Tucu region, among the most attractive and untouched in the province, are ideal for horseback rides, hikes, and 4x4 and fourtrax excursions.

Home-cooked meals, the personal attention of the owners, and comfortable accommodations go perfectly with unforgettable natural surroundings.

Owner: Luis M. Imaz
Season: October-April
Activities and Excursions
Otro idioma Cabalgatas Trekking o Caminatas Demostracion de actividades de campo Avistaje de flora y fauna Mascotas aceptadas Excursiones en 4x4 Pesca deportiva
Excursion to the Toro Lagoon:
Duration: 4 to 6 hours.
On horseback or fourtrax.
Around this lagoon, where there are usually flamingos, ducks and other wildfowl, there are also rock outcrops full of petrified molluscs. Continuing across the Tabia River valley, we see lots of petrified wood. Incredible views of the Andes form the backdrop of the entire excursion.

Horseback ride or hike to the cascade:
Duration: full day.
This excursion, which begins early in the morning, also takes us to Lake Quiroga and the headwaters of the Capitán River.

Capitán River valley excursion:
Duration: 4 to 8 hours.
Tranquillity, clean, untouched spaces, and glimpses of flora and fauna will accompany us throughout this hike along a winding valley.

Tucu-Tucu River valley excursion:
Duration: half day.
Leaving the Capitán River, we drive out on Provincial Route 35 in the direction of the Tucu-Tucu River valley and continue on 15 km through high- and low-beech forests. During the next 40 km, with incredible views of the Andes throughout, we may see condors gliding overhead.

Excursion to the Carrera River:
Duration: full day.
Returning to Route 35 and driving in the direction of the Alma Gaucha ranch, we begin to see forest after 20 km. During the drive, we follow the Ńire River and later ford the Mayer River and some small creeks. After driving several kilometres through the forest, we see an immense valley and continue on until we reach the Carrera River very near the border with Chile.

-2 triple rooms with private bathroom.
-1 quadruple room with private bathroom.
-3 double rooms with share bathroom.
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Aprox. Distances:
International Airport Comodoro Rivadavia 680 Km
El Calafate 435 Km
Nearby cities Gob. Gregores 170 Km
El Chaltén 412 Km
Bus Station Gob. Gregores 170 Km
Perito Moreno 276 Km
Border cross Paso Roballos 240 Km
Cancha Carrera 590 Km
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